Friday, July 29, 2011

Snicker Caramel Cheesecake cookies

My dad is the kind of cook, that can throw anything together and it just turns out delicious. He is just amazing! (He makes the best chicken marsala, tacos, bbq, homemade beef jerky..I even like his tempura bruselsprouts! the list of bests is never ending, seriously!) He add pinches of this, and a dap of that, and "watches to see when its ready". I on the other hand, MUST have a recipe and I must follow it exactly and even then it turns out just okay. However, I do LOVE to bake. I still need a recipe, and im not all crafty to make up my own flavors or anything, I just love to do it. Its been nice having Kyle in class because i can bake and send some with him so Kyle and I dont eat an entire batch of whatever it was.
The other day I was on facebook, and saw a post with a link to an amazing blogsite!
SOO many of the recipes sound so amazing! One that i tried awile ago, which i didnt even realize was from her site was the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies (Best Cookie EVER!!)  This time the Snicker Caramel Cheesecake cookies caught my eye. Of course I couldnt just run tot the store since they called for a special muffin top pan. So I ran to bed bath and beoynd to pick one up..just my luck, the dont carry it in stores and I had to order it. Well, the pan showed up yesterday, so i sent Kyle with a list to the store on his way home. And got to make them after dinner, and let me tell you... YUM!! At first when they came out, i was like ehh, this are kinda odd..then i let them cool in the fridge and thought they were pretty good, A little chewy with the snickers (i might delay putting them on a few minutes). However, i tried one this morning after they have been in the refrigerator all night...and o.m.g i loved it!!
Here is the recipe that i totally recommend!
 Today or tomorrow I want to try the white chocolate smores gooey cake bars! they just sound amazing!

Here's the Oreo stuffed chololate chip cookies:

My New Muffin Top Pan (i'm very excited to look up other recipes I can use this for!)

Heading into the oven

Right out of the oven, kinda sloppy but after i cut away the spilled over burnt snickers they looked much better! 

and finally:

Oh and dont forget to top with caramel!


Monday, July 18, 2011

New and Improving

Well, my dream came true and my fabulously generous mom bought me the Canon 7D, I bought myself the 50mm 1.8 and my husband let me buy a set of Pure Photoshop actions to use in photoshop. Not to say i don't have a never ending wish list, but for now i am very set learning and experimenting on the equipment i have now. I know equipment doesn't make a good photographer, but boy does it sure help!
So for now I am just practicing on the kiddos. I get so nervous about photographing other people..but would really love to get more comfortable! Hopefully with time that part with come easier! I really REALLY want to take a class or work with a mentor. I keep twatching youtube and reading online articles..but i think working with someone would be so much more helpful!

Kyle and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! We've been together since 2005 and from the very beginning I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew he'd be an amazing father, a wonderful husband and an all around great person to spend the rest of our lives by each others sides. And every day he shows me just how right I was, and every day i fall deeper and deeper in love with him. I feel so very blessed with my life :) To celebrate our birthday, our friends Amie and Brandon watched our kids so Kyle and I could go out to a special lunch at the Cheesecake factory. Since moving out here to North Carolina, Kyle and I don't really get much (actually, any..) alone time to just go out on dates, so it was really really nice to be able to walk down the sidewalk holding hands! We had the broccoli and cheese soup, Kyle ordered the orange chicken and I had the eggs benedict. All was delicious! Then we split a slice of Dulce de leche cheese cake (my favorite!!) and of course brought home a slice of Vanilla Bean to share later that night. Nothing beats cheesecake factory cheesecake!!

Kyle started his clinicals so the kids and I have been very lazy lately since Kyle usually has the car and it has been so hot here! Twice a week Kass has swim lessons. She is getting much better at her arm strokes!
I cant wait for Kass to start kindergarten! I think she will love all the fun activities and friends that she has really missed out since moving here. We also just signed her up for soccer, and are looking into ballet as well.

Here's a few from pictures I've taken and edited lately. Click on the image to see it larger :) (not sure how to make them larger on here yet...)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

wishing and hoping

Since I can remember i have LOVED taking pictures. However, i never took the time to really learn bout my camera, or learn the technical aspects of it all. I just knew i loved to capture memories.
Since having kids i have taken thousands and thousands (im kinda obsessed) of pictures. Thank goodness for digital!! But looking back at my pictures, i see so many focusing, exposure, lighting, etc errors and I have decided i just want them better! So, it has become my goal to learn all I can and make my photography better in hopes that i can one day take it to the next level. It is a dream of mine to be an actual photographer. I look at other photographers sites and I am just amazed at the beauty a picture can hold. My goal is to get there. as soon as I can. I dont have the money for crazy expensive lenses and a super pro camera. So right now I am just working with my Canon Rebel xti and its stock lens (18-55). I am looking at possibly upgrading to the Canon 60D, but went to purchase and the 3 years no interest financing had just ended. I also hope to get a new lens. Maybe a fixed 50mm for now and save for a nice L series lens. For the last few days I have been lost in websites reading about camera reviews, lens upgrades, photography tutorials, and photos! It all excites me SO much!! I hope to soon try to book a mentoring session either out here in North Carolina or maybe on a trip back in Cali. I think some good one on one mentoring would make a world of difference. I also just was given photoshop (thanks mom!) and have noooo clue how to work that, so hopefully i can improve my photos with some editing too soon!
So for now here are some recent pictures ive taken. Im lucky to have such cute little subjects to work with...if only they would let me practice on them all day!